You Can Make Real, Sustainable Impact with Clarity & Confidence

Maximize your Impact Thought Leadership by collaboratively developing a 360° understanding of where, when, & how to have meaningful, positive Impact – with precision.

1. Align Ecosystem Actors/Stakeholders

2. Create a 360° view of Reality

3. Act on your Highest Leverage Opportunities

Is your approach to Impact destined to fail?

Existing approaches to making impact – conventional methods for strategy & execution – have a 70% failure rate (Forbes & HBR, 2022)

Discover a proven methodology that ensures that you’ll keep the promise you’ve  made to the World – and to your Self.

What are the hard & soft costs of the World’s ever-increasing complexity, confusion, and conflict?

And how will You help Us solve that?


Do you find yourself...


Overwhelmed by the real-world complexity of both issues & interest groups?


Uncertain about the real impact of critical investment(s)?


Confused about your best next step(s) among too many choices?


Frustrated by the competing demands on you & your limited resources?


Worst of all, will continued failure mean people give up hope?

You’re bright. You’re capable. You’re committed.

You deserve an impact methodology proven to work…

…for you and for those you serve!

Using Emergent Impact™, you will:

  • Accelerate clear, fact-based, aligned decision-making;
  • Optimize your investments of time, money & talent;

  • Cause meaningful, measurable impact.

I, too, felt overwhelmed when first trying to solve complex, multi-stakeholder issues, then…

Then the pressure of my promise to those I was serving forced me to discover how, by rigorously deepening our relationship with Reality, we can deepen our relationship with one another – even deepen our own Humanity.

Over 20+ years, Emergent Impact™ has evolved to consistently, rigorously, & collaboratively solve a diverse array of seemingly “impossible” problems confronting Business, Society, & the Earth today.

Proven Impact for Business, Society, & the Earth…

…a few we’ve served…


Leaders Served

Systems Mapped

Actors Impacted

of 17 SDG's Solved

Solutions to today’s complex problems won’t come from outside the system. They must emerge from within – from the Business, Social, or Earth-based ecosystem itself.

Where does the most current, the most relevant, the most actionable experience, insight, energy live?

It lives within the ecosystem itself – whether one of Business, Society, or the Earth, discoverable by:

  • Deeply, rigorously listening to a 360° set of credible, knowledgeable, and influential stakeholders/leaders;
  • Integrating that awareness into a 1-page map of their ecosystem that captures exactly how their World works in their own words;
  • Collectively, analyzing their ecosystem, discovering the handful of critical leverage points capable of shifting their system in the direction they need it to go. 


What We at Emergent Impact™ Believe about You!

At Emergent Impact™ we know that, as an Impact professional, you feel compelled to make  the kind of critical impact the World needs and wants – now.

In order to do that, you must be able to reliably, repeatedly, rigorously solve the kinds of increasingly complex, multi-stakeholder issues/opportunities confronting Business, Society, & the Earth today.

The problem is that the current 70%[1] failure rate of the conventional approaches to strategy, organization, and execution can make you and those you serve feel like solving such problems is “impossible”.

We believe that, given how bright, capable, and committed you are, you deserve (as does the World) a methodology that’s proven to work.

I, too, understand how frustrating and overwhelming not having that feels.

I was there myself earlier in my career as a global strategist & change agent.

That’s why I labored for 20+ years to develop a method that consistently works!

Emergent Impact™  has successfully addressed instances of each of the 17 SDG’s – and so much more for Business, Society, & the Earth.

At the simplest level, it does so by:

1) aligning an ecosystem’s diverse actors –stakeholders, experts, & leaders;

2) enabling them to create a rigorous, 360° view – a 1-page map of their shared Reality; and use that to then

3) collaboratively discover & act on their highest leverage opportunities.

It’s our experience that, once you’ve mastered Emergent Impact™, you, too, will live into your full potential as an Impact  professional.

Ultimately (though you already know this), it’s up to you. So…

Now that you know that the “impossible” isn’t, click below to stop struggling with Reality and start making positive, sustainable impact – now!


[1] Both Forbes & HBR, 2022

Literally see & sense the integrated, 360° set of diverse perspectives – clarifying confusion, simplifying complexity, aligning for action.

There are 3 critical milestones on your path to successful, sustainable Impact.

1. Aligning your Ecosystem's Diverse Actors

 Working with a 360° representative set of credible, knowledgeable, and influential stakeholders/leaders, asking each “What are you seeking to cause, for whom or what or where?  And how does that need to  happen?” – rigorously mapping each perspective as its own micro-world/ecosystem.

2. Creating a 360° view of their Shared Reality

Together, Integrating these diverse, often conflicted “realities” into the one Reality that demonstrates how they all relate to one another in physical Reality – their integrated systems map – the “math” of the dynamics of the living ecosystem that will shift Reality.

3. Acting on your Highest Leverage Opportunities

Collectively, collaboratively exploring their shared Reality – applying both expert stakeholder/leader analysis and rigorous systemic analyses to discover & align on the handful of levers capable of literally causing the Reality they seek – one they’re now able to act on – together.

You can solve “impossible” problems – whether for Business, Society, or the Earth

And we’ll show you how – by integrating four increasingly powerful levels.


The base layer – getting crystal clear about what each actor needs to achieve and how that needs to happen based on their own proven success stories.


Aligning those Individuals in small groups/teams on an emerging goal in the context of the shared Reality that determines their goal’s  success or failure.


Realizing how the interdependent interactions of the Whole integrate with one another to move us toward(or away from) our goal.


Awakening to how our organization, network, or community interacts with other major segments of Business, Society, or the Earth to ensure sustainable impact.

We need Impact Thought Leadership. We need You. Now!

You can take us…

From: Complexity, confusion, & conflict…

To: Clarity, confidence, & collaboration.

What others are saying…

“…powerful systemic approach…”

“Scott Spann has developed a unique and powerful systemic approach for enabling key decision makers and stakeholders to understand perceived problems in a larger context. It is one that weaves human relationships in ways that mirror the conceptual relationships in the system — but with an end in mind. Out of those interwoven relationships (both human and conceptual) emerge the leveraged responses we need to successfully deal with the complex, wicked problems confronting us today. “

– Fritjof Capra
Author of The Tao of Physics and The Hidden Connections, coauthor of The Systems View of Life

"...truly amazing..."

We truly thought – and I actually said – it was impossible for anyone to add that much value… He did a truly amazing job of helping us collectively understand how our internal networks and external supply chain actually worked as a whole system. We used our common insight to leverage critical control points to achieve our own seemingly impossible goal.”

– Ike Harris
Vice President
HP Global Notebook Supply Chain
Taipei, Taiwan


“Scott Spann often accomplishes the impossible. He has a rare talent for helping multi-stakeholder groups see a unified picture of something that is beyond any single person’s point of view. He works his ‘magic’ through a deep understanding of complexity, systems thinking, and human discovery. He brings the right tools to the table so that people can not only ‘see’ together, they can also think and act together in powerful new ways. As anyone in the Systems Thinking world will attest, this is no small feat and is a necessary step in solving the intractable problems we face today.

– Anne Murray Allen, Faculty
The Academy for Systems Change

"...if you’re trying to tackle big, complex, wicked problems..."

“Scott knows more about strategic systems thinking and systems analysis than anyone else I know. He’s poured a lot of his magic into his book; if you’re trying to tackle big, complex, wicked problems, his book is absolutely essential. Leaders who believe they can rely on traditional strategic planning in today’s world are living in the past.”

– Tim Kelley, global change agent and author of True Purpose

There’s only one way to master  this…experientially.

I’m committed to providing you with ongoing access to:

  • a body of knowledge that integrates human psychology with systems thinking to create impact – at scale
  • a video library of the practice (actionably informed  by the theory) of Emergent Impact™ as it plays out in real-world case studies
  • weekly community coaching calls diving deeper into the material – experiencing it live
  • membership in a community of other Emergent Impact™ practitioners who are continually evolving the Work
  • a monthly 1-on-1 session tailored to address & resolve your specific issues/opportunities.

My commitment to you is to enable you to embody what I’ve discovered about solving the kinds of “impossible” problems currently confronting Business, Society, & the Earth today so that, together, we can make the level of impact our World is seeking. You’re invited to join us on this remarkable, life-changing journey.

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